Association of Occupational Health - Jamnagar

Association of Occupational Health (AOH)

Association of Occupational Health (AOH) Jamnagar is a vibrant and active branch of IAOH India established in 2005.

This branch has been serving the cause of Occupational Health in the country and it’s mission reflects in its continuous participation in Occupational Health related activities. AOH Jamnagar organizes state level conferences annually besides CMEs, BOHS Workshops for informal sector, Occupational Health Day celebrations, online webinars under OCCU-CONNECT and health checkup camps on a regular basis. AOH Jamnagar branch was fortunate to organize National Conferences in 2009 and 2019.

Members of AOH Jamnagar branch present scientific papers and actively participate in the State & National level conferences. AOH Jamnagar branch has been awarded with best branch award for 4 times, also awarded with best BOHS Project in unorganized sector. AOH Jamnagar members were awarded with IAOH Fellowship award, CKR Oration, BEL Ind award, Sir ADM Oration, HUL award, Young Scientist award, OHSF IAOH Mumbai branch oration & Best Resources person award. AOH members have been invited as speakers in the National & International level Conferences in the field of Occupational Health.

AOH Jamnagar branch believes to strive to work relentlessly to maintain the tradition of IAOH of improving the health status of its workers at their workplace.

Dr. Niraj Vora

Message by President

It is my honour to serve as a President of AOH Jamnagar Branch. This IAOH branch of Jamnagar was established in 2005 and since then has grown to great heights. Under the leadership of Dr. R Rajesh, Late Dr. V R Buch, Late Dr. M A Santwani, Dr. K. S. Maheshwari, Dr. A. D. Rupareliya, Dr. Hitesh Shingala, Dr. Mili Dodia, Dr. Kirti Chudasama and many others we have conducted many programs like BOHS, Basic First Aid Trainings & PME Check-up drive of contract workers in the informal sectors. We have also conducted 2 National Conferences (2009 & 2019), yearly state level conferences, monthly scientific feasts, Occupational Health Day celebrations, and many more such activities. I, as a President of this branch commit myself and pledge to attain the highest standards of Occupational Health in India by enabling stakeholders, influencing policymakers, and creating community consciousness.

Our aim is to prevent & control occupational illnesses, accidents and injuries at workplace especially in the informal sector and striving for zero injuries and illnesses in this sector of India. We also strive to engage allied organisations in a nationwide campaign to augment knowledge and capacity of Primary Health Care Providers through Basic Occupational Health Services.

Our vision is Occupational Health & Safety with wellbeing in all formal & informal sectors of this country. Also we look forward to encourage medical practitioners and paramedics to engage themselves in the field of Occupational Health.

Dr. Yogesh Shingate

Honorary Secretary
Message by Hon. Secretary

Occupational Health and Safety has become a key compliance for all formal and informal sectors. In any organized and non-organized industrial sector, Occupational Health Services is a milestone which promotes health, prevent Occupational Health hazards and provide healthy work environment contributing to physical and mental wellbeing of the workers. We aim to engage allied organizations in a nationwide campaign to augment knowledge and capacity of Primary Health Care Providers through Basic Occupational Health Services to achieve the vision of zero occupational injury & illness.